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    Introducing Sensori +

    Introducing Sensori +

    A company strives to provide a premium quality necessity that is not available elsewhere.
    Air Detoxifying Aromatic Mists
    A simple ambition – held by a group of young nature lovers and health advocates, made possible by exclusive green technology – to improve human wellbeing by healing the air we breathe.

    Where traditional odour solutions and air sprays act as ‘masking’ agents, cluttering the air with further chemical compounds and synthetic scents, the Sensori+ Air Detoxifying Solution acts to eliminate the harmful toxins entirely.

    A new fusion of scent and science

    Just as breathing is vital to human life, scent is vital to human connection.

    We seek to improve wellbeing by restoring the air in our urban spaces to its purest form, and in doing so, conjure the ether of Australia’s most natural environments in the rooms of our lives.

    Sensori+ travelled to those untouched Australian preserves in search of unique scent blends, capturing their essence to create aromatic mists that evoke each iconic location through the power of fragrance.

    A new fusion of scent and science

    A clean air solution that heals

    Australia is a country internationally renowned for the beauty, serenity, and expanse of its vast outdoors. Yet the declining air quality in our major cities has reached “unhealthy” levels according to the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. We can no longer take the quality of our air for granted as critical air contamination has rendered clean air exclusive only to our most remote natural preserves.

    Thankfully, the troubling deterioration in the health of our planet has awakened our concern for our collective wellbeing. Producers and consumers alike are acting with greater conscience, with an awareness of the effects of our behaviours on the planet and on ourselves.

    A clean air solution that heals
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